Snow crab croquettes with quinoa and prosecco salsa

Hazel nut (10 gr) Lemon (a slice) (30 gr) Capers on a stem (10 gr) Pea sprouts (2 gr) Prosecco salsa sauce (90 gr)
Crab croquettes (240 gr)
Quinoa (120 gr)
Cooking time:50 min.Qnty:2 servings


Lay quinoa, snow crab croquettes on a dish, pour Prosecco salsa amply on top. Decorate with a lemon slice, capers, hazelnuts and pea sprouts.

Beer or white wine could make a match.


Quinoa (50 gr) Crab broth
(200 gr)
(seeds) (30 gr)
Cucumber (seeded)
(10 gr)
Mint (3 gr) Sea salt (5 gr) Lotus root (2 gr)

You will need a deep frying pan and a small saucepan to cook. Put quinoa in the broth and cook it slowly. Stir and add sea salt.

Add pomegranate seeds, a cucumber cut in cubes, lotus rings and chopped mint.

Lay everything on the platter.

Cooking tips:

  • It is easier to get seeds, if you cut a pomegranate in halves and tap on them with a spoon.
  • Be careful when you use sea salt. Sea salt crystals take longer time to dissolve, so you may oversalt your food.

Crab croquettes

PANKO with seeds
(40 gr)
Filling for crab
pastries (180 gr)
Flour (10 gr) Egg mix (30 gr) Milk (20 gr) Sea salt (5 gr) Frying oil (500 gr)

You will need a filling for snow crab (see Recipe for Snow Crab pastries). Make croquettes in a finger-like shape.

Bread croquettes in three layers of crumbs. Flour, egg and milk, Panko with seeds.

Lay everything on the tray and let it cool in the fridge

Fry before serving at 180OC for 4–6 minutes until golden brown.

Remove oil with a napkin. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Cooking tips:

  • Be sure that crumbs stick well to croquettes.
  • You can freeze this product. Then frying will take twice as long.

Prosecco salsa sauce

Red onion (70 gr) Cucumbers (seeded)
(130 gr)
(concasse) (130 gr)
Red sweet peppers
(seeded) (70 gr)
Fresh coriander
(chopped) (10 gr)
Red chili (seeded)
(3 gr)
Oil (30 gr) Sea salt (5 gr) Tabasco (1 gr) Sugar (5 gr) Small capers (30 gr) Prosecco
(before serving)
(50 gr)

Wash, peel and cut vegetables in small cubes.

Pour oil and add other ingredients, sea salt, sugar, capers, Tabasco.

Finally we add Prosecco sparkling wine.

It is best to do that right before serving it.

Cooking tips:

  • Use sauce while it is fresh. Expires in a day.
  • Keep it in the fridge.
  • You can use champagne instead of Prosecco!

Concasse is a method of cutting vegetables roughly also known as ‘small cubes’. Tomatoes should be peeled prior to cutting.

Bon appetit!