Crab broth

Carrot (40 gr) Onion (40 gr) Celery, stems (30 gr) Garlic (8 gr) Fennel (21 gr) Tomato (21 gr) Leek (23 gr) Sea salt (17 gr) Green peppercorn (2 gr) Coriander seeds (2 gr) Bay leaf (1 gr) Lemon (15 gr) Claws of snow crab
(1000 — 1500 gr)
Cooking time:60 min.Qnty:1,52-2 kg of crab

Snow crab, also known as opilio crab, it is found in the waters of Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans. Snow crab is named after its snow-white flesh and frosty living conditions. Snow crab meat has specific logitudinal fibers, tender taste and flavor. Crabs are well known on dining tables of Northern Amercia, Northern Europe and Japan, however they also delivered to other countries. There are a few cooking methods – boiling, grilling, baking and steaming.


Fry a mix of vegetables and spices. Put the mix in boiling water, keep boiling for 10 minutes. Add crab.

How long to boil crab meat?

Not more than 15-18 minutes. If longer, the meat will become tough and tasteless.

How long to simmer?

Reduce heat to simmer for another 15-18 minutes. Sift the broth and let it cool down. You can use this broth for cooking fish soups and sauces, like French bouillabaisse or bisque.

How to boil crab meat?

You need to pour water in a big saucepan, add bay leaves, carrots, onions, celery stems, fennels, tomatoes, leeks, fried coriander seeds, green peppercorn, salt, a few cloves of garlic, and two slices of lemon. Bring to a boil, add crab. Let it cool down, cut the claws with scissors lengthwise, get the meat out. You can serve crabs whole or undressed and sprinkled with chopped parsley.

How to cook fresh-frozen crab?

Cooking fresh frozen crab is quite similar to what was described above. However, boiling will take 3-5 minutes longer.

How to boil frozen cooked crab?

Cooked frozen crab follows the same procedure as described above. Boiling will take only 4-6 minutes though.

Cooking tips:

  • Keep crab meat boiling until it is fully cooked to avoid poisoning risks. You can tell the meat is ready when it turns red;
  • When you cool a boiled crab cool, put it upside down. The meat will soak all juices it needs.
  • When you shop for crab legs, be aware that you will need a very big saucepan to cook them.
    The legs can bend only in joints, so you will have to consider these sizes.
  • Take your time to defreeze crab legs. Put them in a fridge for a night and cover them.
    Crab legs are commonly sold precooked, and you will not have to spend lots of time at the kitchen oven.
    To keep it fresh, crab is often sold frozen.
  • Crab meat will go best with beer or white wine.
Bon appetit!