Crab fingers

Lemon Pea sprouts (6 gr) Crab fingers (3 pcs)
Aioli sauce (180 gr)
Cooking time:30 mins.Qnty:2 servings

Pour Aioli sauce in a dish (for dipping). Lay crab fingers out on the platter or in the pottle. Sprinkle with lemon juice. Dip crab fingers into the sauce.

Beer or white wine could make a match.

Aioli saffron sauce

Oil (790 gr) Eggs, yolks (60 gr) Lemon juice (10 gr) Dijon mustard (4 gr) White wine (10 gr)
to your preference
White wine
vinegar (10 gr)
Garlic, peeled
(10 gr)
Saffron (1 gr) Tobasco (2 gr) Sea salt (3 gr)

Cook garlic and saffron slowly (Confit *) at a low temperature of up to 90OC in oil. Put two garlic cloves aside, you will need them later to bring out garlic flavor.

Whip garlic cooked in a (Confit *) mode with saffron oil and other two garlic cloves.

Mash egg yolks over a bain-marie in a deep bowl for 8–10 minutes.Add lemon juice, white wine vinegar and white wine. Whip again.

Pour the mix of oil, garlic and saffron as a thin trickle into the mix of yolks and spices, whip until smooth. The cooking process is similar to mayonnaise making.

Confit is a perfect way of keeping your products healthy. While cooking, your food uses its own fat and grease. Learning a Confit method is a crucial step in the cooking art. If you master it, you can move further on to explore more complicated and sophisticated cooking practices. In this case, we use oil to cook garlic.

Cooking tips:

  • If the sauce is too thick, you can add a few drops of cold water!
  • Put a towel under the bowl so it stands steadily while you whip and mix.
  • It is best to use a mixer.
  • If you have your friends around while cooking, you will get more fun making your culinary masterpieces.
  • Feeling lazy? Just mix garlic, saffron and mayonnaise!

Aioli is garlic sauce that you can often meet at French restaurants. This sauce goes perfect with fish and is very popular in France. It matches with fish or seafood. It also traditionally pairs with vegetables. French chefs could go mad if they learn I use saffron with it, but it is was still worth doing so.

Crunchy Crab fingers

Snow crab merus
(meat) (210 gr)
Flour (40 gr) Egg mix (100 gr) Milk (80 gr) Sea salt (5 gr) Frying oil (500gr) PANKO with seeds

Take a merus section, boil it (find the recipe of snow crab broth). Cut it carefully and get the meat out.

Bread the meat in three layers of crumbs. You will need flour, egg and milk, Panko with seeds.

Lay everything on the tray and let it cool in the fridge.

Fry right before serving. Fry at 180OC, 3–5 minutes, until golden brown.

Use a napkin to clean off oil. Sprinkle with sea salt.

Cooking tips:

  • Be very careful when cutting a merus section. Avoid damaging meat.
  • Be sure crumbs stick well to crab fingers.
  • You can freeze the fingers if you want to cook them later. However, you will need to use fresh frozen crab (that was not defrosted earlier)

PANKO with seeds

PANKO * (500 gr) Crumbs (300 gr) Pepita (100 gr) Flax seeds (100 gr)

Mix all ingredients

Cooking tips:

Store at room temperature of 22-25OC not longer than 30 days in closed containers

Panko is the name for Japanese bread crumbs used as a coating. Panko is produced in Japan, and other countries of South-East Asia. Panko is flaky bread crumbs that become thin, crispy and almost intangible. Panko goes well with fish, meat and reptiles. You may as well get Panko dried on the pan and sprinkle it on any type of salad.

Bon appetit!