Snow crab (640 gr) Lime (96 gr) Chili (10 gr) Pea sprouts (12 gr) Guacamole (400 gr)
Cooking time:25 min.Qnty:8 crab claws

Put snow crab in boiling broth, spice it up, wait some 12-15 minutes. Let the claws cool down. Then strip them using scissors (make cuts lengthwise) till the meat shows up.

Guacamole sauce

Avocado, ripe
(360 gr)
Lemon (30 gr) Chili, red (12 gr) Sour cream (150 gr) Coriander (15 gr) Sea salt (3 gr)

Deseed chili. Combine it with coriander, blend until smooth. Add salt, mix again.

Add lemon juice and sour cream so the mix becomes a bit watery. Peel avocados, deseed, cut in cubes. Combine with the mix of chili and coriander in a blender.


Pour guacamole sauce in cups. Take slices of lime and fix them between the claws. Dip in the sauce. Add chili rings and pea sprouts to finish the picture.

You should know:

Mexican guacamole could be garnish for fish or meat. You should be picky when choosing an avocado; it should be ripe enough to be meshed with a fork. It is best, however, to cook guacamole with a mortar and pestle for a deeper fragrant flavor.

Bon appetit!