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About us

We are Seagourmet Norway, a Norwegian crab and shrimp producer. The company is based in the fishery capital of Northern Norway – the port of Batsfjord.

We combine a new approach to business and extensive experience of seasoned industry veterans. We handle the whole cycle – from catching to processing, storage and distribution.


Production and administrative resources are in the settlement of Batsfjord, which crowns the eponymous municipality, and is located at the edge of the Varanger Peninsula, Northern Norway. Batsfjord is good for fishing due to its proximity to the Barents Sea areas rich in snow- and king crab stock.

Besides, a local transport network is favourable for transportation of the end products via regularly functioning logistics arteries: by sea, land, and air. Beyond that, as we are located in Norway, it is fast and easy to deliver our products to the EU countries.

Our history

We started production in 2015. Seagourmet Norway soon became one of the leading global producers of snow crabs: average production output reached 8-10 tonnes of cooked frozen crab clusters daily. In mid-2018, we moved on to include shrimps on our products list. 


To introduce tender deliciousness of snow crab, king crab and other Arctic gourmet seafoods to European diners. 


We endeavor to become one of the leading producers and suppliers of Arctic seafoods. 


We are committed to continuous development of our organization, production, logistics and other related processes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Seagourmet Norway AS is one of major local employers; and we aspire to establish comfortable conditions for work and life of our local community.


We keep our doors open for new cooperative efforts.
Our manufacturing practices are fairly flexible to keep up with growing consumer demand.


We develop and follow delicate processing operations of top-notch quality. We strive to develop new products for European and international market.

Team spirit

We are a team of like-minded professionals sharing similar values in life and work. 

Our News
13Aug 18
Shrimps on our menu

Established in 2015 as a crab producer, Seagourmet Norway has soon become one of the biggest players on the global market of seafood. 


Our major partner supplying live crab and shrimp to our factory is a Latvian company – SIA North Star Ltd – an owner and operator of the vessels tailored to catch crustaceans in the northern waters.

King crab(Red King crab)

The factory is comfortably placed in the central part of Batsfjord. We have our own terminal for ship-to-factory landings of live seafood.

Fresh seawater is pumped to the factory directly from the deep bay. Modern life support system for crabs and shrimps has been installed to secure best quality for our product.

The factory meets highest quality standards of Norwegian food safety authority – Mattilsynet.

Our products
  • Shrimp (pandalus borealis)
  • Cooked fresh 
  • Cooked frozen 
  • Live (out of stock)
  • Raw frozen (also industrial for peeling)
  • Crab - king/snow (out of stock)
  • Cooked frozen sections (out of stock)
  • Live crab (out of stock)



We have teamed up with leading logistics hubs in the North and South of Norway. We can deliver our products – fresh or frozen – by land, air, or sea.